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Dark Souls bleed damage as character HP

Just a random thought that I will be exploring and posting about. This was prompted by listening to yet another XX hour dark souls analysis. In the video the 'bleed damage' was brought up, and I remember liking it quite alot.

Most importantly - bleed could work as character HP!

As a summary, bleed damage fills up a bar, and when the bar is full, the 'bleeder' takes a huge chunk of damage. Otherwise, the bar slowly goes to 0.

A nice example is here:

Here is my proposal:

Character 'health levels' could be the following:

  1. Normal (100% capability)
  2. Bloody
  3. Deaths door (Maybe give some cool 'land stand' type bonus)
  4. Dead (Dead)

I imagine these health levels to remain fairly sticky. Going from bloody to normal may take days.

Some benefits from the top of my head:

I am not sure on a few things still - should bleed carry over across levels, is this faster or cooler, what can be added to justify its inclusion over standard HP, and what can those health levels do?

Hopefully I find answers in the next few posts.