Steel & Sorcery

Steel & Sorcery is a project of my own to exploring the world of TTRPGs & wargaming, and the process of design and creation of them.

My blog

You can find game design thoughts here.

My current release is Brimstone

Brimstone is a heroic & deadly fantasy renaissance roleplaying game, built for high stakes combat, tense social situations, moments of glory, all wrapped in a rules-light and free-flowing approach to gameplay. Brimstone guarantees an easy to learn, tactically deep, drama filled game.

Fight off hordes with firearms, pull up broadside with a complete ship combat system, live on lifes bleeding edge

You can find it for sale on DriveThruRPG

About myself

I enjoy a variety of hobbies alongside bone-crunching sessions of gaming. You can find me online in a few more places:

Youtube: I intend to post videos about HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts).